Surfulater 50% off today

Surfulater is half-price today on BitsduJour. I’m happy to put in a good word, as Surfulater has been a crucial part of my setup for many years. It is my main database for storing entire webpages or snippets of text and images from webpages. I like to keep my collected web pages separate from my other types of collected digital data, which I organise in ConnectedText, as I just find it helpful to keep those two worlds separate. It’s easier to find stored webpages this way, as Surfulater has a hierarchical tree-based organisation that can be searched very quickly with the Filter search bar. If you do want to link to a specific item in Surfulater’s tree from an external application (such as ConnectedText), that is also possible.

If you do qualitative research, you will quickly discover that websites can not only change frequently but they also disappear without warning, so it is critical to capture data from them periodically with a tool like Surfulater. I use Surfulater mostly with Firefox (and more recently with Waterfox) and occasionally with IE. It ‘s as easy to use as 1-2-3:

  1. Highlight the information you want,
  2. right-click and
  3. select “Surfulater: Add new article” or “Surfulater: Attach page to article” (which will save the entire page as it is).

And that’s it. The information will be automatically saved in a folder in Surfulater’s hierarchical tree.