WizMouse and ConnectedText

Speaking of WizMouse, I have just come across this review of it by Mark Fuss, who does a good job of explaining what it does. In the course of the review Mark also mentions ConnectedText, as an example of a programme that is incompatible with WizMouse. Actually, on my Windows 7, 64-bit system WizMouse works perfectly well with CT, so I’m wondering why it didn’t work on his machine.

Update (08/03/2013):

Mark is right after all, WizMouse is not 100% compatible with CT. It works well with the docked CT panes for me, however when I tried it on an undocked Navigator window (where the default behaviour for the mouse wheel is set to zoom), it behaved erratically, first scrolling, then switching to zooming. Overall however there are still a lot of benefits for using them together, especially when using two or more monitors.

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