Updated ConnectedText template for reading notes

I’ve added two new headings to my ConnectedText template for my reading notes database.

=Full text=

ConnectedText Project OutlineThis is for pasting in the full text of a publication. I mostly use this for blog posts or other online articles that I don’t have a PDF for, as these could disappear or be modified any time. I could have printed them as PDF ConnectedText topic iconsand linked them to EndNote or added them to my web clippings in Surfulater instead; however, I might forget about them that way. As these are important to read, I can link these topics to my Project Outline in CT, as to-dos. I could even mark the relevant topics with full text with a different icon in the Topic List window to remind myself to read them later.

I have also added the following markup just below the =See also= heading:


==Created on==

==Modified on==

These are so-called “include macros” that display the time and date the topic was created and last modified on. This is what it looks like at the bottom of the topic:

ConnectedText infoBy the way, this information also gets displayed in the Summary pane (if I choose to keep it open), even without the “include macros”:

ConnectedText Summary InfoWhy is it important to know when a reading note was created and last modified? It is not all that important at the time when you are first working on it. But once you have hundreds or even thousands of notes in your database, you may get into a situation when it comes in handy to know when you had read a particular article or book in your academic career or during your research project. For citations of blog posts and other online articles, the “created on” date can also serve as the “date accessed” for your bibliographic reference.

Update (12-Dec-12):

Here is the bare-bones template, which can be copied and pasted into a CT topic and saved as a template (txt file) (a description of the individual items can be found here):

==Cite as==
=Full text=
=See also=
==Created on==
==Modified on==

And this is what it looks like in view mode (keep in mind it’s blank at the moment, so some features such as the Infobox, attributes and categories are not showing yet):

ConnectedText reading notes template

2 thoughts on “Updated ConnectedText template for reading notes

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